Generic Task Provider

Generic Task Provider can be used in Custom Task. It helps you to create a simple action without having to create a specific task provider for it. It can be any actions like copying files, replacing file content, checking installed tools, etc.


OpenCatapult provides Polyrific.Catapult.TaskProviders.GenericCommand as the built-in provider for Generic Task Provider. It allows user to enter some commands to be run in a command line tool. In most of the time it will be the only Generic Task Provider the users ever need.


This provider can only be used in Custom Task. You can use the name Polyrific.Catapult.TaskProviders.GenericCommand when adding or updating a Custom Task:

dotnet occli.dll task add -p SampleProject -j Default -n CopyConfigFile -t CustomTask -prov Polyrific.Catapult.TaskProviders.GenericCommand
dotnet occli.dll task update -p SampleProject -j Default -n CopyConfigFile -prov Polyrific.Catapult.TaskProviders.GenericCommand