Backlog is list of items which are planned to be implemented, but not in the development line yet. The items sit here because of some reasons, i.e. priority, lack of resources, or need more implementation details. When the items are ready, they will be listed in Issues, either with wip or help-wanted tags.
  • Web interface
  • Allow to create external service instances from Catapult
  • More task providers:
    • Repository provider: Azure Repo
    • Build provider: Azure Pipeline
    • Hosting provider: AWS, GCP

Future Features

This is the list of ideas which might be implemented in the future, but no implementation details yet for now. The features which get many votes from the community will be promoted to backlog for detailing the specs.
  • Run natively in non-Windows OS
  • Dockerize API and Engine
  • Mobile app interface
  • Generic job task
  • Support for non-SQL Server database
  • Marketplace for task providers
  • Multi tenant
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