Manage project members

Each project can have their own members. Only the member of a project can access and/or modify the project.

Add project member

Add a new project member by specifying the project name, username(email), and the role in the project:

dotnet occli.dll member add --project MyProject --user [email protected] --role contributor

When role is not specified, the member role will be assigned as default.

All of the created members for a project can be viewed using the list command:

dotnet occli.dll member list --project MyProject

Remove project member

Remove a project member by specifying the project name and the username(email) of the member to be removed:

dotnet occli.dll member remove --project MyProject --user [email protected]

Update project member

You can update the role of the user by using the update command:

dotnet occli.dll member update --project MyProject --user [email protected] --role maintainer

Project member roles

Available project member roles:

  • member: Have basic view access of the project

  • contributor: Have access to edit the models and jobs

  • maintainer: Have access to run the job queue for the project

  • owner: Have all access related to the project