Manage engine registration

Engine is the program that will run project's queue. Since typically engine process takes quite a long time, due to many processes it does, you can setup multiple engine instances to have high availability.

Register a new Engine

Register a new engine by specifying the name

dotnet occli.dll engine register --name Engine01

All of the registered engines can be viewed using the list command:

dotnet occli.dll engine list

Obtain token for an Engine

In order for an engine to connect to the API, it would need a token that's generated by the API. You can obtain it in the CLI:

dotnet occli.dll engine token--name Engine01

Copy the token that you receive, then set the token to the engine by running this command in the engine:

dotnet ocengine.dll config set --name AuthorizationToken --value xxx1234

Activate / Suspend an Engine

You can activate or suspend an engine by using the following command and providing the engine name:

dotnet occli.dll engine suspend --name Engine01
dotnet occli.dll engine activate --name Engine01

Remove Engine registration

Remove an engine by specifying the engine name:

dotnet occli.dll engine remove --name Engine01